35 Trof. Int. Murcia Costa Cálida
from 20 to 27 february 2023
Región de Murcia


The Regional Orienteering Federation (F.O.R.M.) is pleased to welcome everybody that enjoys orienteering to the 35th International Trophy Murcia Costa Cálida in Cehegín, Región de Murcia, Spain.

Entries from 1st January 2023.

From 20th to 23th

Official trainings with Sportident on different maps of Murcia.

24th FEBRUARY 2023

Model event.

25th FEBRUARY 2023
From 8:00 AM.

WRE long distance race, national public and open long distance race.

Map: Coto de las Maravillas.

25th FEBRUARY 2023
From 15:00 PM.

Sprint national public and open race.

Map: Cehegín.

26th FEBRUARY 2023

From 8:00 AM.

WRE middle distance race with chasing start, national public and open middle distance race with chasing start.

Map: Coto de las Maravillas.

27th FEBRUARY 2023

Form 9:00 AM.

Public and open race.

Map: Coto de las Maravillas.


  • To win the Costa Calida Trophy in your category you must run both the E1 and E3 races (Saturday and Sunday morning). The sprint race and public race (E2 and E4) will not score for the Costa Calida Trophy.

  • The SPORTident Air + system will be used in all races; In addition to the SIAC model, it is possible to use the SI-Card 8, SI-Card 9, SI-Card 10, SI-Card 11, comCard or pCard models. Other older models are out of print and, although they are not usually a problem these days, Sportident makes no guarantees that they will work properly; will use them at his own risk.

  • Description of controls: In accordance with IOF rules, they will be available at the start of the races. They will also be printed on each of the maps.

  • There will be no physical number bibs for the runners, but in the middle race, in the pre-start, a numbered label will be given that all the runners in the chasing start must wear glued and fastened with a safety pin on the left shoulder.


It is the same terrain as in the World Orieentering Cup Spain 2014.

  • This terrain is situated in the municipality of Cehegín, between 400 and 515 m. above sea level, it presents extensive details highlighted by a number of valleys, hills, gullies, etc.., caused by water erosion. The slope is generally moderate, although in some areas steep, but short (with a maximum slope of 70 m.). The details of the cut rock are mostly caused by erosion.

  • The forest consists of pine, with open and semi open areas. Undergrowth consists of Rosemary, Esparto and other vegetation, predominate… In general, the vegetation will not be a condition of running speed. There are also some cultivated areas connected by roads. On the ground there are small footpaths that are not drawn on the map, caused by the passage of animals.

  • The great variety of terrain will make route choice crucial for a good result, not to mention the abundance of details that requires detailed map reading to avoid errors.